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VoIP Phone Adapter connection help. Select your service provider below for more detailed information on what VoIP phone adapters are supported and how to configure them to work with the services listed below.

  • Free Phone Line - connect a free US phone line to a free VoIP service provider. phone adapter needed.
  • Configure Your Phone - (cell phone, home phone, SIP phone) to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world using the service providers listed below. No VoIP Phone Adapter router needed.

    Select Your Service Provider Below for Configuration Help:

    LowrateVoIP Whistlephone Voipbuster
    Sipdiscount Internetcalls Sparvoip
    Poivy Voipcheap Voipdiscount
    VoipbusterPro Webcalldirect Voipcheap UK

    Free SIP Call | |
    FreePhoneBridge New! - Make unlimited direct and callback calls to and from any VoIP phone account and through a network of free global access numbers.
    Port Forwarding - Can't Hear the Other Party? - Guide to Voip Ports and Home Routers.
    7-Digit Dialing - Configure your Sipura or Linksys PAP2 to handle 7-digit dialing by modifying your unit's dialplan setting.
    Inbound Phone Line - Get a FREE inbound US phone number that can be configured on the same line with many discount VoIP services charging 1 cent/minute for outbound calls. .

    Voxilla - Popular Sipura Configuration Wizard. Free Registration Required.
    Sipura Adapter Configuration - Sipura's Configuration Tool - Limited Provider Support.
    SIPBroker - link your adapter to many providers.
    Enum- Get a free internet-only phone number.
    DSLReports- Forum of VoIP users- many configuration tools.